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Top 10 Ethiopian Wedding Songs

July 11, 2019 Comment

Looking for some great wedding music? Check out this list of top 10 Ethiopian wedding songs!



10. Mushraw mta

  • This popular wedding song by Solomon Gashabe, released in 2018, is one of the more popular wedding songs at the moment! The vibrant music will have all the guests on their feet!

9. Yibel Mewsbo

  • This beautiful traditional Ethiopian Tigrigna wedding song will be the highlight of your function. It is no wonder that this song by Filmon Bekele is one of the top 10 Ethiopian wedding songs!

8. Amrobetal

  • Amrobetal by Emebet Yeshibelay is found in Volume 4 of the Ambassel Tewesta Instrumental. The beautiful melody and vocals in this song will put everyone in a celebratory mood!

7. Kinfe Teklay

  • Kinfe Teklay by Abea Enahalkune is another of the more popular Ethiopian wedding songs. It is written and performed in a traditional Ethiopian Tigrigna style, appealing to audiences all over Ethiopia.

6. Amen

  • Though this song is filmed in an urban setting, its vibrant melodies appeal to couples all over Ethiopia. If you are looking for a song that will get your guests dancing their hearts out, put this song by Bekwetu Semwehon on your playlist!

5. Teklehaymanot Kinfe

  • This song by Klite Tsehaye is another of the top 10 Ethiopian wedding songs that couples are choosing for their weddings. If you love traditional Tigrigna wedding music, and you are looking for a song that will appeal to guests from all over Ethiopia, this is it!

4. Yegnama Mushera

  • What better song to choose for your wedding than this vibrant piece by Tadese Mekete! This song performed by this well-known artist is bound to be a hit with your guests!

3. New Ethiopian Wedding Music Lyrics

  • This short compilation by One Love Ethiopia is one of the latest Ethiopian wedding songs available. Listen to it – you may just want to add it to your playlist!

2. Mushirit Mushira

  • This song by Tsegaye Eshetu, first released in 2012, remains a favorite to date. If you put this on your playlist, you can be sure that all your guests, regardless of their age, will enjoy the music thoroughly!

1. Ethiopian Wedding Songs Collection Vol. 1-7

  • This is an awesome compilation of Ethiopian wedding songs from all communities across the country. You have seven volumes to choose from, each lasting at least 40 minutes long!

If you are looking for the best songs for your wedding, the list above of top 10 Ethiopian wedding songs is perfect for you! Have fun as you listen to them and make your choice!

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